Adventure under a bridge........
In the early days of the Fish Company, a satisfied patron set his plate to the side and remarked; “Without fail, all the best adventures take place under a bridge.” We immidiately secured his permission to use this as our slogan.
Not only is the menu an adventurous journey around the world, a sense of adventure is also reflected in the surroundings and essence of  the venue.  The Zimsen building dates back to 1884 and originally stood at Hafnarstræti 21, a few hundred meters east of it´s current location. It was extended in 1889, but in 2006  it was uprooted and lovingly renovated before being replanted at Grófartorg in 2008.
During the groundwork stages of the Grófartorg reconstruction area, excavation unearthed remnants of the older harbour, which has now been incorporated into “The Tides”, a  work of art by Hjörleifur Stefánsson, developed in collaboration with Minjavernd Heritage Trust.



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