11:30 - 14:30


Three course gourmmet feast, changes everyday.

Please consult your waiter.

4.900 kr.



Around Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar – HADDOCK

slowly cooked HADDOCK  with caramelized CAULIFLOWER purée, birch scorched onion &
BRAMBLEBERRY granit, cauliflower heads & DILL oil

Stykkishólmur – SALMON

caraway cured SALMON & cumin CHEESE, glazed carrot & SKYR foam,
thornberry gel & smoked almonds with fresh herbs

Húsavík – LAMB

panfried LAMB SIRLOIN & pressed lamb, CELERY ROOT purée & fried potatoes,
pickled mustard seeds & ANGELICA powder with warm MAYONNAISE

Egilsstaðir – BLÁBER

scrumptious LIQUORICE & CHOCOLATE cremaux with
BLUEBERRY sorbet & blueberry compot with thyme juice

7.500 kr.