Around Iceland

Around Iceland

Join the Chefs of the Fish Company for a trip around Iceland in season based menu.

 The best and freshest ingredients from all over the island will tantalize
your tastebuds in a trip sure to live long in your memory


Vestmannaeyjar – COD

panfried COD MEDALLION glazed with HONEY, wild cauliflower & green dill oil with creamy FISH SAUCE

Búðardalur – GRAFLAX

caraway cured & cut GRAFLAX with dash of BRENNIVIN, pickled RHUBARB & shredded smoked CHARR with DULCE glaze

Egilsstaðir – LAMB

fried LAMB SIRLOIN & GLAZED LAMB PRESS with celeriac puree, BEER PICKLED ONION & salt baked CELERIAC, lamb glaze & celeriac spiced with kombu

Reykjavík – SÚRA

white chocolate BROWNIE with buttermilk & white chocolate foam, SORREL SORBET, carmelized oats & crystallized white chocolate

9.900 kr.