Around Iceland

Around Iceland

Join the Chefs of the Fish Company for a trip around Iceland in season based menu.

 The best and freshest ingredients from all over the island will tantalize
your tastebuds in a trip sure to live long in your memory


Vestmannaeyjar – COD

panfried COD MEDALLION glazed with HONEY, wild cauliflower & green dill oil with creamy FISH SAUCE

Búðardalur – GRAFLAX

caraway cured & cut GRAFLAX with dash of BRENNIVIN, pickled RHUBARB & shredded smoked CHARR with DULCE glaze

Egilsstaðir – LAMB

fried LAMB SIRLOIN & GLAZED LAMB PRESS with celeriac puree, BEER PICKLED ONION & salt baked CELERIAC, lamb glaze & celeriac spiced with kombu

Reykjavík – SÚRA

white chocolate BROWNIE with buttermilk & white chocolate foam, SORREL SORBET, carmelized oats & crystallized white chocolate

9.900 kr.

Dear FISH COMPANY friends and family.

After heavy deliberation we are saddened to announce we will be CLOSING our restaurant for the time being.

This desicion is taken with a heavy heart but we are sure it is the right one given the circumstances. The HEALTH & WELL BEING of our customers, staff and indeed everyone is our main priority.

We will certainly OPEN AGAIN as soon as it is safe but in the meantime send our GRATITUDE & SUPPORT to our SUPERHEROES in the Healthcare sector. Please listen to them and take care of yourselves and your fellow man!

If there are any QUESTIONS or anything we can help you with, please don´t hesitate to contact us via E-MAIL, we will answer. We will all be here to welcome you when this pandemic passes.

With our SINCEREST regards,💕❤️🐟💕❤️
Team Fish Company