Equal Pay Policy

Fiskfélag's equal pay policy is an integral part of the wage policy and applies to all employees of the company. The equal pay policy shall meet the relevant criteria for equal pay policies in accordance with ÍST 85:2012, section 4.2. The Fish Company undertakes to comply with the relevant legal requirements and other requirements that the company undertakes regarding the principle that all genders shall be paid equal pay for the same or equivalent work.

The Fish Association pays wages that take into account the requirements of the job regarding education/knowledge, skills and responsibility. It is the policy of the Fish Company that all employees enjoy equal pay and the same terms and rights for the same or equivalent work so that there is no gender pay gap within the company. For the definition of wages and conditions, see paragraphs 9 and 10 of Article 2 of the Act and Article 19 of the aforementioned Act. Salary decisions shall be transparent, factual and well-founded.

In order to implement the equal pay policy, Fiskfélagið undertakes to document, implement, maintain and continuously improve the management of the equal pay system in accordance with the requirements of the ÍST 85 standard and determine how its requirements will be met. The Fish Association has implemented procedures and defined criteria for determining wages where everyone is paid for their work based on its value regardless of gender, gender identity, or other irrelevant reasons.

The supervisor of the equal pay system is responsible for the equal pay system of the Fish Company and ensures that the system is documented, implemented and constantly updated. All managers are committed to maintaining continuous improvements, monitoring and responding to unexplained pay gaps and the deviations that arise during reviews of the equal pay system.